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Hit Your Target Audience with Customer-Centric Messages

Marketing for smaller software businesses can often fail for one simple, but easily fixable reason – not having customer-centric marketing messages.

You have to focus your messaging on your customer, not just your business.

If you are struggling to get the sales leads into your business and you are feeling disappointed with the results from your website, your email marketing campaigns, your social media activity and your pay-per-click ads, it’s time to look at the evidence and make a new plan.

If your content is all about your business and not about your customers’, their challenges and pains, then the reason for failure is likely to be because your messages just aren’t resonating with your target audience.

In the B2B environment, it is so important to put customers at the center of the business. Customers have so much power for two main reasons.

  1. Being able to share opinions, reviews and recommendations through social media, blogs and their own websites.
  2. They can easily learn about your software or technology by going online in order to explore all options.

Therein lies the challenge.

To reap the rewards and to ensure you don’t lose out on potential new customers you must try to engage with your customers across all channels through customer-centric messaging.

Here are some handy tips to consider when planning a customer-centric marketing strategy and writing customer-centric messages:

  • What’s in it for your customer? Step into their shoes and think about it from their point of view.
  • What are their challenges and business pains?
  • How you can help them with your solution?
  • Why do they need your software/technology? 
  • B2B buying cycles are often lengthy, make sure you consider what your customer-centric messaging will be across all channels and in each interaction.
  • Also, think about why potential customers might not buy from you? Sometimes potential customers have a pre-conceived idea about your business and why they wouldn’t buy from you.
  • Talk to your existing customers. Why do they use your software/technology and make sure you have a clear understanding of how it has made their lives easier?
  • Think about how your customer would explain your solution to prospective customers.

Things to avoid –

  • The ‘So What’ factor – prospective customer won’t want to read all about your business during their first interaction. Try to avoid writing about your business, how long it’s been established, when you wrote your software etc.
  • Never lead with ‘Features and Benefits’.
  • Smaller software businesses should avoid leading with their product or company, don’t assume you have a recognisable brand – it just won’t work. It's unlikely that prospects will have ever heard about your business before, more importantly, they need to understand how your business will help them address their pains and challenges.

We work with many smaller software companies, helping them to successfully sell and market their software. We offer a wide range of content marketing services for customers, helping them get their customer-centric messaging right for their target audience.

If you would like to have a chat with us about your software sales and marketing challenges, please get in touch with us on 01536 771440.