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Here Comes the Next Generation of Techies...

Coding We're just over half-way through the school summer holidays, and we were wondering how many primary school children will be joining 'Code Club' on their return in September?

Over the last year the UK has been trialling probably the most ambitious attempt yet to get kids coding. The new computing curriculum includes coding lessons for children as young as five.

This means that children are learning to build apps and websites, design computer animations and code games alongside learning to read and write!

Teaching programming to children is seen as being an essential life skill, and a long-term solution to the skills-gap between the number of technology jobs and the people qualified to fill them.

All this is great news for the software industry in the UK. As these youngsters grow up they will become the talented new recruits for the thousands of software businesses in the country.

Our sector will go from strength to strength, and as technology and software advances it means one thing for smaller software businesses - opportunity.

Take your skilled software developers and genius techies, combine them with a clever sales and marketing strategy, add a dash of experience from a non-executive coach and mentor and you have the recipe for a rapidly growing and successful business!

We work exclusively and extensively with smaller software businesses who have great software but are struggling to sell it, market it and therefore grow their business. 


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