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Help, advice, clarity, contacts - just some of the many benefits of having a Non-Executive Director

5 Minute Guide Managing Small Business Growth - the secret of success

Do you want to grow your business but are not sure how to? Or perhaps your business is growing, but you could do with some help and advice on how to do things better.

Recognising that you need some additional outside help is a very positive step - remember no matter what size business we have, we all need good advice from time to time.

This is where a Non-Executive Director (NED) can prove invaluable. An NED can give non-biased, independent advice, and give you the clarity you need to make good business decisions.

Don't be put off by the fancy title either - NEDs are in reality part-time employees, working and advising at director level but not taking an executive position.

And, because they work with you for perhaps only a few days a month, they can be extremely good value.

Independent research has shown that companies using NEDs perform far better than those who don't.

The key is finding the right person for your company - somebody credible who can deliver quickly is essential.

With this in mind, we have created the Five Minute Guide to Managing Small Business Growth - The Secret of Success to give some helpful advice as to what to look for in a NED, and detailing what the right person can bring to your business.

Terry has worked with many smaller software companies as a NED, bringing his experience and management skills to complement existing teams, and providing coaching and mentoring to fellow directors. He also brings great sector knowledge and contacts - vital to the sustained success of any business.

In addition, with his strong sales and marketing background, he can provide balance to a technically-focused board, and help them to consider a more customer-centric viewpoint.

For more information please download the five minute guide or contact us for a free no obligation consultation.