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Great news for UK SMBs

Well, it's been a long time coming, but at last, there's good news for the British economy.  

A recent report has said that economic growth is at its fastest pace for 16 years, and the UK is set to outperform top European countries - including Germany.  

The European Commission says the UK has exceeded expectations this year - in short, Britain is booming!  Let's all breathe a collective sigh of relief.  

But we shouldn't rest on our laurels though.  Now's the time that smaller software businesses should be embracing this renewed confidence and be planning for their own growth.  

There are three crucial steps for building a winning growth strategy:  

  • determine what you want to achieve in three years - your strategic vision;
  • identify a skilled and experienced coach to help you make this a reality - your strategic coach;
  • kick off a planning exercise - your strategic process.

So if you're seeking help in building a winning growth strategy, or are looking for a skilled coach to provide creative and informed contributions and give you constructive criticism, and want to grow your business in 2014 and increase your profitability, please contact me for a free no obligation consultation.  

Please visit the website to or take a look at my LinkedIn profile and find out more about our Executive Coaching and Mentoring Service  

Let's make sure we make the most of the economic up-turn!