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Google's move to mobile first indexing - What it means for your business?

Google Mobile Site Ranking

The importance of having a mobile-friendly website is vital - particularly with the news that Google is starting mobile-first indexing and using mobile content for all search rankings.

This new strategy is in response to the fact that most Google searches are now made on mobile devices, therefore the fact that their search-engine was still using desktop versions of websites for this ranking data was a glaring anomaly.

While this move is currently described as an 'experiment', this is a glimpse now of how future rankings will be decided.

Needless to say, this is a huge issue if your site isn't already mobile-friendly.

Now is the time to make the necessary changes so you don't miss out - consider investing in a responsive site which automatically adjusts to the platform from which it is being viewed.

This offers a better experience for your visitors - many of whom will be viewing your website from a mobile device so will expect it to already be mobile-friendly - and will also now help with your Google search engine rankings.

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