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Get there first - 10 ways your Sales Team will benefit from Marketing Automation...

75% of visitors to your website will do a lot of research before they decide to purchase a product or service. What makes a successful sales team is one that has the insight to know what their prospect has been looking at, what they are interested in and at the exact point that lead is sales ready.  

Marketing automation can give you that important insight which makes sure yours is the first voice they hear. Here's how:  

  1. No more cold calls - the marketing automation process nurtures leads, so by the time they reach sales they are qualified leads;
  2. Get clarity - know who to call and what to say.  Using customer intelligence dashboards you can see every aspect of the prospect's journey, keywords they've searched on, and content they've viewed.  You can tailor your conversation to talk about their specific needs;
  3. Timing is everything - calling at the right time is essential.  Marketing automation gives you the intelligence to know where each prospect is in the buying cycle by using real-time behavioural tracking, lead scoring and alerts;
  4. Shorter sales cycle - studies show nurtured leads close faster and generate larger deals than non-nurtured leads;
  5. Make the most of e-mail - still the most effective marketing channel for conversion and retention, sales reps can automatically send the right messages to the right prospects at the right time;
  6. Help marketing qualify leads - sales can define the characteristics that indicate when a prospect will likely become a buyer, such as title, industry and certain behaviours and actions.  Marketing can then set up lead groups and take the guesswork out of a lead's status, only passing them on to sales when they're a qualified sales lead;
  7. Know the score - lead engagement scoring assigns points to a lead based on specific behaviours and demographic characteristics.  When a pre-defined scoring threshold is passed, a notification is triggered to the correct sales rep, letting them prioritise hot leads;
  8. Cross-sell and up-sell - maximise customer lifetime value as marketing automation reports and dashboards let you review and analyse a wealth of customer data;
  9. Still use your current CRM - many marketing automation systems integrate with customer relationship management systems, so actionable customer intelligence can be viewed without leaving the CRM dashboard;
  10. Align sales and marketing - marketing automation gives marketers the tools to build programmes that perfectly align to the sales process and give sales real-time information delivered into their CRM.  New levels of understanding and co-operation between the teams will result, increasing qualified sales leads and ultimately profits.

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