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Generating More Leads by Using Google and LinkedIn Advertising

We recently received some excellent feedback from one of our client’s contacts for a marketing campaign we developed and manage for TK Dialogs. 

We find that for ourselves and our clients, these visual online adverts, with strong call-to-actions, help drive target audiences to (or back to) websites.

Getting visitors to complete a form on a landing page is not an easy task, but we have found with running Google Remarketing and LinkedIn Sponsored Update campaigns, it’s an effective way to encourage form submissions and conversions.

“I would love to know who does your marketing as it's amazingly well done - both the banner ads and the call to action. I'm seriously impressed!” 

Google Remarketing and LinkedIn Sponsored Update Campaigns for TK Dialogs. 

TK Dialogs Remarketing

What is ‘Google Remarketing’? Good question. Google Remarketing enables businesses to drive more sales by bringing back potential leads to your website that have previously visited. In simple terms it does this by dropping cookies on your website visitors then as they browse other websites on Google your remarketing adverts will appear. 

How we do it…

  • Build your audience. We provide you with code to add to your website, the cookies capture visitor data and your audiences grow based on who has previously visited your website.
  • We will set up your remarketing campaigns to deliver relevant image and text adverts on websites your prospects are looking at and as they type in key search terms on Google. This will help drive attraction and encourage engagement.
  • Our experience of delivering strongly-branded, highly relevant ads will put your business at the forefront of your customers’ mind.
  • We will continually monitor your Google Adwords account and your chosen landing pages to support and optimise your budget-spend on Google pay-per-click advertising and Google Remarketing.
  • Monthly reports and recommendations will be provided to your business in order to demonstrate return on investment.

What are ‘LinkedIn Sponsored Updates’?

Extend your reach beyond your existing network. Use Sponsored Updates to reach your target audience. 

We will publish relevant content straight to the LinkedIn feed of targeted members on the site, not just your company page or personal network. We can help you set up your company page if you don’t already have one.

How we do it…

  • Highly flexible targeting options enable us to reach new LinkedIn members you aren't connected with. 
  • We work closely with you to help define your LinkedIn audience using criteria such as location, company size, industry, job function, and seniority.
  • Whatever your budget, we will build your campaign to drive increased leads to your website.  You will be able to monitor performance through monthly reports.
  • Our experience of managing pay per click campaigns will ensure your sponsored updates contain highly relevant and engaging content, and reach the right people.
  • We will complete an audit of your LinkedIn account and company page prior to setting up your Sponsored Updates service.  If you do not have a LinkedIn account already then we can build this into your service.

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