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Generating leads through Marketing Automation

Generating leads through Marketing Automation  

Following on from last weeks blog 'Small Businesses will succeed with a CRM system', this week's blog focuses on the very fresh and exciting new concept of marketing automation.  

Once you are confident that you have a really strong database of prospects, clients and past clients on your internal CRM system you should seriously consider integrating it with marketing automation software. A revolutionary new concept, which enables you to cleverly target your database. This is done by setting up automated ‘nurturing streams'. Nurturing streams, if you are not familiar with this term, are automated programs that send scheduled e-communications to your prospects database over a period of time, focusing on the products/services that they have previously shown interest in. This software also records a behaviour score on each prospect based on their behaviour and engagement; the higher the behaviour score, the hotter the lead.  

By integrating marketing automation software with your own CRM system, it is possible to generate daily reports that provide you with lists of qualified sales ready leads, indicating who your hot leads are and what they are interested in. For each hot lead you can view what web pages they have visited, which of your emails they have read and clicked on, and which white papers and other collateral they have downloaded. Once armed with these reports and an overview of your prospect's engagement with your website and your emails, you can decide whether you should be putting in a telemarketing call to arouse further interest or arranging for a sales person to call to start to convert your lead to a customer.  

Marketing Automation provides the tools and intelligence to develop your contacts by engaging, nurturing and qualifying leads. If you are keen to learn more, please contact us or visit our website.