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Five Minute Guides - A Revision Session...

Exam results have been and gone, but here's a little revision session for you all.  This week's blog is about the five minute guides we've published this year.  

An abridged version of everything we've discussed follows, plus links to the five-minute guides if you've missed any.  Don't worry; there won't be a test at the end!  

In Seven Steps to Achieving Winning Sales Performance we give advice to help you develop a customer-centric sales approach, engage with prospects more effectively and develop and refine your sales process to win more business in seven easy-to-follow stages.

Guaranteed Lead Generation for Smaller Software Businesses is designed because many smaller software businesses do not have in-house marketing resources.  We know that sometimes you just don't know where to start when it comes to getting your message out to prospective clients.  We'll take you through each of the four stages of the sales and marketing funnel, with the end result that you turn your marketing activity into qualified sales leads.

The Guide to Marketing Automation gives you the basics of what marketing automation is all about, and you can discover how that and our Lead Generation Managed Service will help to increase your sales by 50%.

Lead Generation Getting it Right discusses the proven four-stage sales and marketing process of attract, engage, nurture and close.  It also tells you to set clear, measurable goals so you can see at each step how you're progressing and amend your strategies if needed.

Understanding the Role of Non-Executive Director explains how NEDs provide the board with objectivity and an independent view of the company removed from the day-to-day running.  But also, particularly when involved with smaller or growing software companies, an NED can bring management skills to complement the existing team, provide coaching and mentoring to fellow directors, and have sector knowledge and contacts which are vital to the success of the business.

I didn't lie to you, there's no test - but if you'd like further information then contact us on 01536 771440 to arrange a free no obligation consultation or visit our website.