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Five of the best, our top blogs in 2014

Throughout the year we’ve blogged to you about various topics, imparting our knowledge and hopefully giving helpful advice.  The following have proved the most popular, so we’re sharing them again in case you missed them the first time.  

Achieving Winning Sales Performance
There may be three steps to heaven - according to the song by Eddie Cochran - but to achieve winning sales performance we believe you need to use seven steps.  Our five-minute guide outlines these in a clear format and will help you develop a customer-centric sales approach, engage with prospects more effectively and develop and refine your sales process to win more business.  

Guaranteed Lead Generation
We appreciate that many smaller software businesses have little or no in-house marketing expertise.  They may lack confidence in choosing correct marketing tools and be unsure of methods to use.  We all have our areas of expertise - you create great software, we create great marketing strategies!  Let us help you.  

Share in Our Success
We achieved a remarkable 50% growth in our first year using Act-On integrated marketing software.  As a result, Act On wrote a case study about us.  This system has worked wonders for us - see how it can work for you too.  

Lead Generation: Getting it Right
Sometimes, you might not get the results you'd like from your sales and marketing process.  We share advice on refining the proven four-stage process of attract, engage, nurture and close to achieve the results you want.  

Winning Sales Proposals
Your sales proposal is a very important document - it sets the agenda for the sale, differentiates your business from your competitors and, in your absence, does your selling for you.  Remember that the bigger the deal, the better the proposal needs to be - make sure you get it right.  

For more help and advice on your sales and marketing strategies to enable you to grow your business and achieve the success you deserve, please visit our website or contact us.  

Best wishes from all the team for Christmas and the New Year - more blogs from us in January 2015!  

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