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Driving Visitors to Your Website Requires Much More Than Just a Redesign

When it comes to websites, there are two rival schools of thought. The first says content is key. The other says design is more important.  

Well, I say that a good website needs to combine both successfully. You could have great design, but without interesting content it might attract visitors initially, but it's unlikely they'll return.  

Likewise, if your website looks dated and isn't set out well, even if you've got interesting content people will struggle to find it. Again, they'll head off to someone else who can offer interesting information in an easily accessible way.  

A recent example - I met a software company who had been working with a local brand-marketing team. They were advised to redesign their logo and redevelop their website. Admittedly, the end result is a lovely looking website, with clear menu headings and clear navigation. Everyone was happy with the new appearance, but the problem was little seemed to have changed in terms of new leads coming into the business.  

When I investigated the situation, I discovered that the new website had retained exactly the same content as the old one. So while it all looked shiny and new, the fact was that visitors were still reading the same old information as before.  

My recommendation to them was to focus exclusively on generating some content which satisfied three crucial tests:  

  • It was interesting and educational so readers would happily swap their email addresses for something they perceived to be of value;
  • It was punchy and offered standalone documents with snappy titles to arouse curiosity;
  • It was reader-centric, telling the reader what the company could do for them, NOT who they are, or what they do.

They followed my advice, and the result is more website traffic, more registrations, a more engaged audience - and, most importantly, more sales leads.  

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