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DOWNLOAD NEW 5 Minute Guide to Modern Marketing ..

In a busy crowded marketplace it isn't always easy to make your voice heard, but follow our advice and see how you can generate qualified sales ready leads and grow your business.  

Our new five minute guide gives a snapshot of modern marketing techniques, demystifies the terms used, and advises on the ones to adopt in order to build and execute successful marketing campaigns.  

Briefly, in this guide we tell you that you should use social media to have the best conversations with the best people. Use peer-to-peer influence marketing to your advantage; communicate to build and maintain these vital connections.  

More key points include:    

  • Blog to spread brand awareness - your blog is your direct voice to your community;
  • Regularly use Twitter - it connects you to the latest stories, ideas, opinions and news. We also tell you about Promoted Tweets;
  • LinkedIn - can be used to create business contacts, search for jobs and find potential clients. We also advise on LinkedIn advertising and sponsored updates;
  • Your website - your most powerful marketing tool, it's your shop window. Make sure you create interest within seconds of somebody visiting your landing page;
  • Email - communicate on a regular basis with your database of prospects. Make sure your titles are punchy and your content engaging, relevant and interesting.  

We also tell you about marketing automation to streamline sales and marketing operations by replacing repetitive manual processes with automated solutions. Prospects are scored, based on their activities, then presented 'drip marketing' campaign messaging via email and social channels.  

Marketing intelligence uses tracking codes in social media, email and web pages to track behaviour and allows more accurately targeted responses and nurturing programmes.


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