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Download 5 Minute Guide: 7 Steps to Achieving Winning Sales Performance

5 Minute Guide; 7 Steps to Achieving Winning Sales Performance

There may be three steps to heaven - according to the song by Eddie Cochran - but to achieve winning sales performance we believe you need to use seven steps.  

Our new Five Minute Guide is entitled '7 Steps To Achieving Winning Sales Performance' and it will help you to develop a customer-centric sales approach, engage with prospects more effectively and develop and refine your sales process to win more business.  

Let me give you a brief sample of what's covered:

  1. Understand your customers' buying mode - the nature of buying in the software sector and discuss the importance of high value solution selling;
  2. Build connection to a critical business issue or pain - you need to explain
  3. how your products will solve a problem, not what it does or how;
  4. Focus on perceived value - the importance of analysing your benefit statements;
  5. Make your proposal sell - provide enough information, persuasively presented;
  6. Communicate with absolute clarity - remember you've got about 30 seconds before a prospect makes their mind up about what you're selling, make those seconds count!
  7. Offer tons of proof - the importance of third party evidence about your product, company or service;
  8. Address risks don't avoid them! - the concept of risk and its role in the buyer's mind is one of the most powerful concepts in business-to-business sales.  Learn how to use it to your advantage.

Download Guide    

Download the 5 Minute Guide and let us help you review your sales procedures. We can start working through the ‘7 steps’ together so that your business can achieve winning sales performance.  

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