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Developing a Winning Formula

Reaching out and speaking to your customers and prospective customers requires lots of fresh interesting content. With so many businesses now turning to marketing automation to drive their marketing efforts, “content marketing” is becoming a hot topic with more and more people seeking guidance on how to deliver great content.  

When delivering marketing services to our own clients we are continually emphasising the importance of producing great content and the impact that will have on their marketing efforts.  

Great content will:

  1. Create curiosity in blogs, twitter & LinkedIn groups, driving new visitors to your website.
  2. Help educate new or warm leads to understand what is possible and why you should be more engaged.
  3. Nurture warm interest by building your value proposition and creating increased interaction and ultimately sales ready leads.

  For each new piece of content we need to answer a number of questions:

  • Who is it targeted at? What is your target’s segment?
  • What is it trying to achieve? Curiosity? Education? Nurturing?
  • What is your crucial message?
  • Where do you plan to distribute/publish it?
  • What are your SEO keywords?
  • What is your call to action?

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