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Defer the Software Demo: Focus on Your Customer's Pains

When it comes to selling software, many smaller businesses are keen to book a software demo as quickly as possible. They believe that if they can book a demo, they are half way to closing a deal. Yes, it is a way of getting in front of your target customer, but this is not to say that they are ready to buy yet.

A vital step is being missed out. Pain is the first thing that top salespeople look for in their prospects. This is the reason your prospect is looking.

Before you even think about booking a software demonstration you should firstly consider your customer's pains.

True business pain isn’t solved by something that’s nice-to-have. It’s a budgeted, pull-your-hair-out, have-to-get-it-solved, discussed-at-the-board-level kind of problem.” (Hubspot)

Typical examples of business pains your prospect could easily identify with are:

  • Inefficient business processes
  • Losing sales to competitor products/solutions
  • Need to improve business efficiency and increase profit
  • Struggling to maximise ROI
  • Reduce waste
  • Poor internal/external communication
  • Save time in duplicated effort 

We recommend that you identify your prospects business pains first, then you can have a purposeful conversation to identify how your solution might help solve these problems.

At this point, you can offer a demonstration or trial of your software and direct the prospect to see how this solves their pain.

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