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Cherry-picking the hottest sales prospects

In last week’s blog “Jumping the lead score queue” we explained how our new Lead Generation Managed Service supported by marketing automation software enables us to score prospects based on their engagement, and then nurture them from first interest through to sale.  

To recap, a lead engagement score (a feature of our marketing automation software) determines how a contact is managed based on what links the contact has clicked on. The more links they click on the higher their score goes, not only that, the links they do click on can trigger a more specific and targeted email to be sent.  Eventually the score goes above a certain threshold and these leads become ready for sales engagement. At this point the hot qualified leads are allocated to the sales team. They will have access to a report that provides evidence of a lead’s activity based on emails received, social media clicks and company website visits to help them begin a dialogue.  

Our Lead Generation Managed Service enables smaller businesses to focus their attention and ‘cherry-pick’ the leads that are deemed most valuable, ensuring the leads that are unqualified or have a low perceived value are not sent to sales for engagement.  

If you would like to discuss our Lead Generation Managed Service in more detail to understand how it can help you win business, or if have you any other questions please contact us on 01536 771440 for a free no obligation consultation or visit our website.