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Award Winning Advice...

I wouldn't normally tell you this sort of thing, but I've just won an award.  

Rutland-based The Biz Club had their annual awards on 14th November presented by Lord Lieutenant of Rutland, Dr Laurence Howard, and I won. This was not just for my work as MD of Terry Forsey Consulting, but for the work I do with The Travers Foundation. The event was sponsored by Crownhouse Wealth Management, contact Tim Wright.  

The Travers Foundation is a charity I set up in 2012 to support aspiring young sportsmen and women, and those in the creative or performing arts. We are currently supporting a number of talented young people in Northamptonshire, Rutland and Leicestershire.  

From left to right: Tim Wright, Terry Forsey, Lord Lieutenant of Rutland Dr Lawrence Howard and Geoffrey Pointon.  

I also offer free advice to small businesses in my Northamptonshire office on a Friday afternoon - helping grow local businesses is a passion of mine. After all, a growing business generates wealth, taxes and fuels the local economy.  

Two years ago I had a 'light-bulb moment' - with this idea, and with the help of a great team, we have transformed my business offering sales and marketing advice and guidance to UK software companies to a rapidly growing (50% this year) digital marketing agency creating local jobs and now boasting clients in Australia, Canada and Ireland, as well as throughout the UK.  

How did we do it? We adopted a state of the art marketing automation tool and developed a range of lead generation services to attract, engage and nurture prospects automatically and feed qualified sales ready leads to sales people/teams.  

Our business Terry Forsey Consulting is proof that marketing automation works. Please contact us for a free no obligation consultation or visit our website to find out how this can work for you, and how you too can achieve this rapid growth.  

Check out our latest video to find out more...  

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