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Automation to be a huge opportunity for smaller UK software businesses.

Opportunities in automation are widespread among smaller UK software businesses.

Automation touches every individual, whether it is realised or not, it’s designed to make all lives better. 

“Automation will be responsible simultaneously, for the creation of new jobs and the abolition of many existing roles. Today, automation offers a huge opportunity for growth within UK smaller Software Businesses” stated Terry Forsey.

Many large organisations have already adopted automation and robotics across many processes, integrating systems and processes throughout the business from the customer facing operations to back office systems that are making things happen.

Already, automation and robotics drives smarter supply chains, smart products and high quality services for consumers. This is true of online companies such as Amazon, who have made supply chains sleek, replacing humans for robots.

As a result, the prevalence of automation and robotics across most businesses is resulting in a process that is completely transforming the global employment market.

Terry Forsey commented, “The opportunities that automation is creating for UK smaller software businesses are considerable. Software underpins automation and robotics, it is what businesses need to build their automation processes and manage robotics.”

He then went on to say, “This is why for the Terry Forsey Consulting team, it’s a very exciting time to specialise in the software sector, working with so many smaller talented software businesses.  Software is in every aspect of daily living; we have come to expect a seamless experience at all times.”

Where is the opportunity for smaller software businesses to embrace automation and robotics?

From small businesses to large corporates, the software adopted can help build a serious competitive advantage.

Smaller software companies need to look to larger organisations who have successfully introduced integrated automation and robotics throughout an entire business. They will see ideas and examples to learn from.

Terry commented, “In our experience, many smaller software businesses place focus on automating customer facing transactions through websites and mobile apps, but all too often miss out on developing smarter back office automated processes for customers”.  

He suggested, “The opportunities are readily available for smaller software businesses to automate all of their software so that it becomes an integral part of a customers’ businesses.”

How is it possible to successfully build and deliver fully automated software to a target audience?

This is one process that cannot be automated. To start with, businesses need to get out and talk to customers about how to build-in more back office automation. Explore how to make businesses more efficient and more competitive.

Build better software to deliver a high level of automation throughout the entire business process integrating with as many systems as possible and removing all manual activities.

Next, build a marketing and communications plan that delivers regular messages to target audiences, demonstrating an understanding of the business and the mutual benefit of automation.

Lastly, empower sales people to get out and talk to customers about the value this brings to a business.

Adopting this four-step approach will enable UK smaller software businesses to really harness the opportunities of automation and robotics.

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