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The art of obtaining great quality leads for your business

I have written a lot of content over the last decade on the topic of how small businesses generate good quality sales leads. Over this period, the way businesses generate sales leads has changed dramatically. An explosion of online and social media activity coupled with innovative technology and marketing automation software has resulted in new ways of obtaining qualified leads for your business. Keeping ahead of the game we have developed a new service that combines a revolutionary marketing automation tool with our own in-house marketing knowledge and expertise enabling us to give you total visibility of the lead nurturing process and deliver qualified sales leads to our clients.  

How is it done? What is the process?  

You may have already caught a glimpse of this funnel diagram in some of my recent blogs? If not, this will help you understand the process that small businesses should follow in order to generate sales ready leads.

  Social Media Illustration_v1  

Engage & Educate – Driving visitors to your website, arousing curiosity through captivating content and generating new leads from your target market.  

Nurture & Qualify – Manage and qualify your leads using marketing automation software, tracking behaviour with our Lead Engagement Score to identify sales readiness.  

Sell & Close - Focusing sales resources on engaged opportunities, a result of lead behaviour reporting and real-time actionable sales intelligence. Resulting in a more efficient and effective sales process, “at 33% lower cost per lead” (Forrester Research).  

It’s important to point out, “Organisations that nurture leads deliver 47% higher order values” - Aberdeen Group. If this has got you thinking about how our Lead Generation Managed Service might help your business, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free no obligation consultation on 01536 771440.