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Are You Ready to do Business on a Mobile Device?

For the first time ever, Smartphones have overtaken PCs for online surfing. 

Mobile Browsing The seismic shift from PCs to mobile devices is upon us - the news is just out that for the first time viewing websites on mobile devices has overtaken desktop PCs (source Daily Telegraph, 2nd November 2016).

In 2010, the web pages loaded on mobile devices stood at just 5%; in 2013 that figure reached 25% - now, in October 2016, it accounts for a whopping 51.3%, with 46.5% of that traffic being smartphones and 4.7% tablets, according to research from Statcounter.

The rise of the dominance of the smartphone can be attributed to the growth of high-speed mobile networks, more powerful devices, and sales in emerging markets - indeed, smartphones have become many people's main, or in some cases only, computer.

What does this mean for smaller software and technology businesses?

When developing your software -

  1. Develop user interfaces that can easily be used on any mobile device;
  2. Develop Apps and you will benefit from:
  • high visibility at all times;
  • creation of a direct marketing channel;
  • provide value to your customers;
  • build brand and recognition;
  • improve customer engagement, perhaps offer a help desk feature on it;
  • stand out from the competition;
  • cultivate customer loyalty - with an app, you are just a fingertip away at all times.

The shift to mobile devices has implications when you are marketing your software too:

Your customers may look at your website for the first time on a smartphone, so you need to ensure that it looks great on any mobile device - it's more important than ever that you have a mobile responsive website;
If you use Google AdWords for online advertising, make sure you are bidding higher for mobile clicks.

For help and advice on making the most of the rise of mobile devices and adapting your business, please get in touch