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Achieve a Steady Stream of Sales-Ready Leads

I appreciate the irony of talking about drought after the wettest winter we've ever had, but I need to nonetheless.  

Don't worry, I'm not talking about it meteorologically (no need to contemplate hosepipe bans!), but rather sales leads drying up.  

We've recently been working with a client who has some great software with huge potential to expand within their current sector but also into new sectors.  

Face-to-face they have a high success rate of demonstrating how effective their software can be.  

That wasn't a problem - their problem was a drying up of new sales leads.  

As you are all too painfully aware I'm sure, without decent sales leads how can you sell?  

That's where we at Terry Forsey Consulting were able to help them.  

We developed a marketing plan - utilising our writing services - to include a range of new marketing collateral, to drive more traffic to their website.  

New white papers and five-minute guides proved popular with visitors needing to educate themselves, and a range of case studies and regular blogs helped prove how effective they were with their clients.  

Visitors were happy to give their e-mail addresses in exchange for this content, and their interest and understanding was expanded through e-mail marketing and lead nurturing campaigns.  

The result? Where once there was a drought, there's now a steady stream of sales-ready leads.  

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