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7 Top Tips for Email Marketing Success...

Seven could be your lucky number if you follow our top tips for improving your email marketing strategy:   

  1. Have an integrated sales and marketing process - plan your emails and think about all the messages your prospects are receiving from sales and marketing as an entire programme, not as stand-alone items. Make sure your messages are consistent, and adjust those that don't fit;
  2. Don't be afraid to re-send - the old saying 'if at first you don't succeed, try again' works with e-mails too. If you know somebody hasn't read your email, they haven't seen its content, so just re-send. Simple, but effective;
  3. Really work on your subject line - keep it short, as this increases the open rates. Don't give away the whole story, give just enough to tempt people in and make them want to find out more. Spend more time on the subject line and less on the body, because if no-one opens your email, it doesn't really matter what it says in the main text;
  4. Don't obsess about opens and clicks - yes, they are important, but remember the whole point of email marketing is to generate leads for sales to become customers;
  5.  Use a great writer and proof-reader - if you're not the best writer yourself, employ one - remember that it's a skill that not everybody has. Once you've got your great writer, get a good proof-reader. Never send out anything that hasn't been read by at least two people. Spelling, punctuation and grammar are vitally important in written communications;
  6. A/B test for better results - try this with the subject line of the email, and get your writer to create two different headlines, then test to see which one gets the most reads. Or try it with the colours you're using for your emails and buttons to links for further information. Find out what works best for your prospects;  
  7. Co-ordinate all activities - again, consistency is key here. Make sure you're delivering the same message through all of your tweets, posts, blogs, emails, offers, sales calls, copy and any other vehicles you're using.  

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