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2016, an eventful year...

An understatement granted, but 'eventful' is probably the best word to sum up 2016.

First there was the shock of the EU referendum result and the 'will they/won't they/nothing much has happened yet' ongoing Brexit situation.  This was then followed by the equally if not more surprising victory of Donald Trump in the US election.

These momentous events and their fall-out have caused much uncertainty globally, and the economic markets have been extremely volatile in their wake. But what positives can be learned from these, and how can it benefit small businesses?

Both of the above events serve to highlight the transition away from traditional media, and how the way people obtain their news has changed dramatically over the past 20 years.

Gone are the days where national newspapers such as The Sun wielded huge influence over the electorate - who can forget the 1992 post-election boast of Mr Murdoch's publication 'It's The Sun wot won it' for Margaret Thatcher?

Today's news is being consumed from many different sources - LinkedIn and Facebook pages are filled with shared news, opinions and views independent of the mainstream media.

Effectively using social media - as demonstrated by both the Brexit and Trump campaigns - means small businesses can have a louder voice and a wider reach which can be highly targeted to their potential clients.

Facebook gives businesses that reach for consumers.  In the B2B world, LinkedIn allows small businesses to reach up to 22 million contacts through effective and targeted communication.

Stay ahead of your competitors and make sure you are delivering messages straight to the desktop or mobile device of your potential customers - do it early enough in their buying cycle and you'll be influencing and educating them in your products.

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