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Attract - How to Attract?

Increase Online Activity and Social Interaction

How to 'Attract'? It is now widely accepted that inbound marketing is the most effective marketing method for doing business online, so make sure you're doing it right and getting the most out of it. Don't limit your marketing to outbound marketing methods; the days of waiting for leads to come to you are long gone. 

You need to arouse curiosity and grab people's attention using the web and social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Adwords, pay-per-click adverts and blogs. Your initial focus must be on drawing people into your content and getting them to your website, once they are on one of your web pages you know that your attraction methods are effective. 

Stand out from the crowd and make your voice heard. The key to success is to be interesting, be different and make your content unique so that it will grab the attention of your target audience.

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"Like most small business owners I am incredibly busy all the time. When it comes to tackling newly qualified sales leads, it’s essential that I focus my time and resources on the hottest prospects and not every web enquiry that comes into the business."
Dave Riley, Director
Innovation Software