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Build a marketing plan for sales success - don't leave it any longer


With smaller software businesses sitting at the very centre of everything we do at Terry Forsey Consulting, we have developed a new consultancy programme. It’s the first time we have ever developed a short-term, results driven consultancy programme before.

Push your software business above your competitors this summer with our new affordable and exciting 7-Stage Consultancy Programme, setting you on the right path to a sustainable marketing process.


STAGE 1. Briefing us to hit the road running

  • Signing up for the programme
  • We start by gathering background information through an online questionnaire

STAGE 2. Initial meeting for a sales and marketing review of the business

  • Where? At your offices
  • Review your briefing
  • Understand your business goals
  • Build an awareness your target customer
  • Review existing marketing activities
  • Articulate the marketing to sales process

STAGE 3. Prepare a first draft strategic plan

  • Output of the sales and marketing review
  • Develop a winning Marketing Strategy to improve sales lead generation
  • Identify best marketing activities for your business
  • Review the effectiveness of your website against our 10 point checklist
  • Identify quick wins
  • Document findings
  • Prepare a Strategic Plan presentation

STAGE 4. Presentation of Strategic Plan

  • GoToMeeting
  • Explanation of findings and recommendations
  • Understanding the processes and resources required
  • Explore impacts of quick wins
  • Gather feedback

STAGE 5. Revise strategic plan and prepare Marketing Activity Plan

  • Recommend marketing campaigns to deliver sales leads
  • Document a plan of action
  • Identify likely costs and resources

STAGE 6. Presentation of revised Strategic Plan and Marketing Activity Plan

  • Where? At your offices
  • Reviewing the revised Strategic Plan and Marketing Activity Plan
  • Agreeing final refinements
  • Determining next steps

STAGE 7. Preparing final revisions and sign off

  • GoToMeeting
  • Signing off Strategic Plan and Marketing Activity Plan
  • Agreeing next steps


Our structured consultancy programme will deliver you a comprehensive, actionable strategic plan and marketing activity plan to improve sales lead generation for your software business.

Total Cost £1,995 + VAT

WANT TO GET STARTED NOW? REQUEST A CALL BACK AND WE WILL BE IN TOUCH VERY SOON OR CALL US TODAY for an informal chat and find out more about how to sign up for our new consultancy programme. It could be just what you need to lift your business above the competition. Call on 01536 771440.

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"The team at Terry Forsey Consultancy have “done us proud”, they have helped us design and build a great looking new website with compelling messages about the benefits of engaging our services. In addition, they created a superb 1-minute video that informs potential customers about how we can help them. This video was used as part of a successful LinkedIn campaign. As a result we have converted LinkedIn Impressions into Clicks and Interactions, driven people to our website and gained new customers as a result. The team at Terry Forsey are always helpful and supportive and have stood alongside us, as an extension of our own management team, to guide us through this journey of growth and development as a business."
Ian Londesbrough, Managing Director
Buitech Ltd