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Selling Software

Welcome to our Selling Software resources section that covers topics such as engaging with prospects, writing sales proposals, and achieving a winning sales process. Here you will find a selection of free 5 Minute Guides and Whitepapers, plus Archive News and Interesting Reading.

How to Sell Software with Google Ads

Terry Forsey Consulting has put together this guide to share it’s 20 plus years of experience in the software marketing industry and how...


Top 10 Tips: How to Successfully Sell Software

How do you make your business and your product/service stand out amongst the crowd? B2B selling is a real challenge, whatever the sector....


5 Minute Guide to Understanding How Customers Buy

Buying is a process and in the B2B world, it is a process that takes time and requires a carefully considered approach from the seller. As...


5 Minute Guide: 7 Steps to Achieving Winning Sales Performance

This guide will begin to help you: Develop a customer centric sales approach Engage with prospects more effectively Develop and refine your...


Doodle Video - Introducing Terry Forsey Consulting

Meet Terry Forsey Consulting. We will cut through all the myths and hype surrounding marketing, websites, social media and search engines....


Business Buying Cycle

It has been proven that if you get to grips with the buying cycle you are three times more likely to win customers. Understanding this...


Winning Methodology

Are you struggling to combine your sales and marketing activities to achieve a repeatable lead generation process? Then follow our tried...