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The Secret to Selling Success? Adopt a Customer-Centric Approach...

Buying is a process, much like any other business activity.  

As you're probably well aware, people don't suddenly become customers, it's more gradual than that. But your chances of success are greatly increased if you consider adopting a customer-centric approach which I will detail below.  

More than 70% of visitors to your website have longer-term potential - the challenge is how to convert these inactive buyers into active customers who are happy to make a purchase when they are ready. You need to effectively engage with these inactive buyers, because if you do, they are three times more likely to become customers.  

Our Buying Cycle below details each stage the buyer goes through, then for each stage indicates what the marketing and sales engagement activity should be.  

We would strongly recommend that smaller businesses should apply this model when considering their sales and marketing strategy.  

Adopt the techniques of arousing curiosity and educating prospects early in their buying cycle. Engage with them by delivering high value communication then nurture their interest, thus building a long-term relationship.  

Remember, the potential to reach your target market is vast with effective use of social media, online activity, mobile devices and high quality websites.  

Keep your brand at the forefront of your prospect's minds by continuing this process of 'drip-feeding' your marketing activities. That way yours is the name that they think of when they're ready to make that purchase.  

Put your customer and their buying cycle at the centre of your sales process and watch your revenues grow.  

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